Something To Warm You Up – Cheesy Bake

At this time of year, the air is still quite chilly and this meal is perfect if you want something that will not only warm you up, but is also quick and easy to make. A way you can add to this dish is by adding on tomato clusters on top of the mixture before placing it in the oven.

Equipment: Shallow 2litre dish, colander, food processor.

Oven: Gas Mark 5 / 190c

Ingredients for 4servings: 6 large eggs, 200g mature cheddar, 200g bread, 225ml bag baby leaf spinach, 1tbsp english mustard powder, 425ml milk.

Method: Begin by buttering the dish and pre-heating the oven. For the spinach, you can either cook it in the microwave as per packet instruction or enter the spinach contents into a colander over the sink. After boiling the kettle, pour the boiling water over the spinach and leave to wilt. Then begin to make your cheese base by breaking up the eggs into a food processor bowl. Proceed to add the milk, the mustard powder and a tsp of salt. Break up all of the bread (including the crust) and whizz it all together until the mixture is smooth. Pour the mixture into a large bowl and grate 3 quarters of the cheese in. Once you have done this, to get rid of all the water, squeeze the spinach. Then put the spinach within the cheese mixture and stir in before pouring the finished mixture into the dish. Once this is done, grate over the rest of the cheese on top. Bake in the ovenfor30-35 mins until risen and golden. Allow to cool before serving.