Tastes So Good…BBQ Lamb Recipe

As summer approaches, you may find yourself wishing to utilise the outdoor barbecue. This recipe offers you the option to either use this for a BBQ or to cook inside and serve with your choice of vegetables.

BBQ Lamb RecipeEquipment: Barbecue or griddle pan


  • 1 lemon (juice and zest)
  • 2tbsp soft light brown sugar
  • 125ml olive oil
  • 8tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 garlic cloves (crushed)
  • 4tbsp mint (chopped)
  • 400g half boneless leg of lamb

Method: To make the marinade mix together the lemon juice and zest with the sugar, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and add seasoning. Stir until the sugar has dissolved and then mix in the mint and garlic.

Lay the meat in a deep tray. Pour in half the marinade over the top of the meat and turn it over to coat it on both sides. Put the rest of the marinade to one side to use as dressing later. Then, cover with cling lm and choose to leave it for 1 hour or alternatively overnight in the fridge.

After, remove the lamb from the fridge, shake off any excess marinade back into the tray before inserting a skewer that goes from one corner to the opposite. Do this again with another skewer but in the opposite direction.

You can either cook the lamb on a barbecue or a griddle pan and cook on a medium heat. Cook for between 15-20 minutes. Make sure to turn the lamb frequently until pink or cook for longer depending on your preference. Once you have finished, let the lamb rest for 10 minutes and remove the skewers.

Serve with your choice of vegetables and pour over the rest of the marinade.