Gardening Tips, Your Garden in September

Your hanging baskets and container pots will last until the first proper frosts if you continue deadheading and feeding. Keep watering well, especially on windy days once the plants are past their best then replant with spring flowering bulbs, Ivy and winter Violas and Pansies I again have Cool Wave Trailing Pansies and Endurio Trailing Violas from September onwards.

Gardening TipsAutumn is an important time for lawn care, feed the lawn now with an autumn lawn food high in Potash and with Ferrous Sulphate to kill moss, don`t let leaves rot on the lawn. Clear them up on a regular basis. A quick way is to go over them with the mower on its highest setting.

Any Herbaceous Perennials which have now finished flowering can now be cut back hard to the base. Those that produce attractive seedheads can be left to provide winter interest. Bulb planting can be started now. I will have a good selection of these by the time you read this article.

Once again if you have any garden problems or queries then just ask.

Robin Harper
Mount Nurseries

Mount Nurseries